Sweet and Spicy Goodness

It’s a few days after Thanksgiving and mine and my husband’s first Christmas tree is up. It’s small, but perfect.

Last week was my birthday and my sweet friend got me a clear mug, which I have been wanting, and a few tea samples from her tea collection–perfect gift I must say.

The first tea I am trying is Sweet and Spicy herbal tea from Good Earth Tea. Wow! I must say they really out did themselves.

This tea is perfect if you are a cinnamon lover. It seriously tastes like fresh cinnamon sticks and sweetness. It’s perfect for the fall/winter. This tea has a wonderful aroma of cinnamon that sweetly settles in the air.

The ingredient list:

Rooibos, chicory root, natural flavor, rosehip, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile, ginger root, anise seed, orange oil, orange peel

I definitely taste the cinnamon, but the other ingredients give it its sweet and smoothness. I am now a huge fan of this Rooibos infusion!

Happy tea drinking,


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A Dreary Day and Tea

November made its debut last week and Georgia weather cannot make up its mind to be warm or cold. Today has been dreary and chilly which makes for a good night of tea.

Mocha Nut Mate is in my cuppa tonight from Tupelo Tea in Blue Ridge, GA. I love this tea and I only have enough for a few more cups, YIKES–need more!

If you are a coffee drinker you just might like this tea. Mocha Nut Mate is smooth, medium body, with a hint of mocha. This is not a sweet tasting tea–which is great if you are not big on sweets.

Tupelo Tea in Blue Ridge, GA is a wondrous place to stop and smell the tea–move to the side roses. When you walk in this tea shop its simple, clean, and organized. There are three sections, each containing different true teas and herbal teas. In these sections are small containers where you can smell the different teas. On top of the containers there are numbers. When you find a tea with an aroma that is pleasing to you, tell the employees and they will bag the tea up for you or they will make it right on the spot.

Mocha Nut Mate, its a favorite of mine.


This is not a sponsored add.